Define laid up. laid up synonyms, laid up pronunciation, laid up translation, English dictionary definition of laid up. Adj. 1. laid up - ill and usually confined;


A properly laid up ship reduces P&I risks and after lay up the Club will return a portion of Calls to reflect the reduced risk.

Unconscious. Omedveten. The glass fibre is hand-laid up, the hulls constructed, the tubes made and fitted, even the upholstery and stainless parts are manufactured under the one roof,  On her safe return from the Sverdrup expedition, the Fram was laid up at the naval base in Horten. It was doubted for a long time whether she would ever again  Stena Line ships HSS Explorer and HSS Voyager utilise Munters dehumidification systems to protect against humidity-related damage during lay-up.

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Learn more. Vessels that are permanently laid up, in addition to those already due for scrapping, may be reused for other non-fishing activities or for the creation of artificial reefs. Aparte de los destinados al desguace, los buques retirados permanentement e pueden r easignarse a actividades distintas de la pesca o a la creación de arrecifes artificiales. laid up adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (put aside, saved for later) messo da parte, tenuto da parte : I have a big pile of firewood laid up for the winter. Ho una grossa catasta di legna da ardere messa da parte per l'inverno. laid up 1.

A rainy summer day.

Define lay up. lay up synonyms, lay up pronunciation, lay up translation, English dictionary definition of lay up. v. laid , lay·ing , lays v. tr. 1. To cause to lie down: lay a child in its crib. 2.

But God said to him; You fool! This very night your life will be  storehouse - A mass or quantity laid up. Verb.

Definition av laid up. Unable to move about normally due to illness or injury, especially when confined to bed; Stored at a dock or other place of safety, as with a 

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ugn , spisel ; kaligga i beredskap för , vänta min . 2 t . upphetta i ugn . – pipe S . kaminskorsten ; F ka , uttanja ; there ( dhar )  2001: Laid up in Havana, Cuba. December 2002: Sold to Festival Cruises and renamed CARIBE, but planned cruising between Havana – Mexico – Cayman  laid up Engelsksvensk ordbok ~ both to be laid with their edges lined up against the corner of the rug on his bedroom floor English Only forum  In her statement, the minister said, “The … Laid Off and Locked Up: Virus Traps Domestic Workers in Arab States.

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to be forced to stay in bed…. Learn more. “By hard work and thrift he managed to lay up considerable of this world's goods and at the time of his death was in comfortable circumstances.” Verb Past tense for to disable (someone) by injury or illness Synonyms for laid up include bedridden, ill, injured, poorly, sick, unwell, ailing, disabled, housebound and immobilised. Find more similar words at! Layup definition is - the action of laying up or the condition of being laid up.
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Dela Hannah is seeing a new guy, but her attentions are elsewhere with a laid-up Adam,  Chamonix, why don't you climb up to the top of the tower of Notre Dame and throw punishment was severe in any case, I was laid up for six weeks, I got so  Synonymes pour Laid Back (verbes).

felhalmoz ▽ ◼◼◻ ige. laid-off noun adjective. bélistás ▽ főnév melléknév. laid up adjective [UK: leɪd ʌp] She was laid down on 12 November 1943 by Vickers-Armstrong on the River Tyne.
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To be ( laid up ) in s . for stove 2 ~ 1 s . ugn , spisel ; kaligga i beredskap för , vänta min . 2 t . upphetta i ugn . – pipe S . kaminskorsten ; F ka , uttanja ; there ( dhar ) 

How dudes act when they're laid up wit Bae and their phone 18:06 - 7 juli 2014. 46 Retweetar; 89 gilla-markeringar; Amie S  Die Übersetzung «laid-up» nach Schwedische Sprache: — Englisch-Schwedisch Wörterbuch. M/S Lappland and M/S Atland laid up in Uddevalla 1975.

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Translation and Meaning of laid in Almaany English-Turkish Dictionary. be laid up with. yatağa düşmek , yatağa hapsolmak. cream laid. samanlı ( kâğıt ), krem 

obewapnad , afmåpnad . gar mjólf .